1. Understand

In order to provide the highest level of service and a comprehensive projection of your financial future, we need to completely understand your current status. Gather financial information Cash savings (and approximate year-over-year changes, if any) Estimation of current spending habits Bank, brokerage, 401k/retirement plan, insurance policy statements Real estate holdings Social security benefit estimates [...]

2. Design and Implement a Strategy

We use information gathered during the "Understand" step to devise a strategy tailored to your situation. DESIGN Determine appropriate asset allocation* We will recommend for your approval a mix of stocks, fixed income, cash, and - in some  cases - alternative investments that matches your risk tolerance and that we believe affords you the best [...]

3. Manage

Maintaining your financial well-being is an ongoing process; your financial strategy will need fine-tuning over time. Our responsibility Monitor progress of individual portfolios on a monthly cycle Stay current with financial news and events, and financial analysis by Raymond James, Barclay’s, Credit Suisse,  and Standard and Poor’s Be available during stock and bond market trading hours for [...]