We use information gathered
during the “Understand” step
to devise a strategy tailored
to your situation.


Determine appropriate asset allocation*

  • We will recommend for your approval a mix of stocks, fixed income, cash, and – in some  cases – alternative investments that matches your risk tolerance and that we believe affords you the best chance of meeting your goals
  • Choose high quality investments within each asset class
  • Ladder and diversify fixed income holdings; diversify stock investments; choose between individual holdings or funds

*Asset allocation and diversification do not ensure a profit or protect against a loss

Commit to plan for systematic investment (pre-retirement) or distribution (retirement), if needed

  • Pre-retirement: If goals require periodic investments, set up logistics for adding money to the portfolio
  • Retirement: Agree on income plan: frequency, amount, and placement

Clearly communicate cost of plan implementation

there is no cost for the consultation process up to this point


  • Sign your Investment Policy Statement
  • Fund the portfolio by transferring in assets and/or depositing cash