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Kettering Investment Strategies is an independent firm comprised of professionals who are affiliated with Raymond James Financial Services

What makes us different?


The traditional business model necessitates bringing in an increasing number of new assets. The problem with that model is that an office can grow to a size that is impossible to adequately maintain all of the client relationships. Being a smaller firm that focuses on a select group of clients, we can commit to the highest level of customer service.


The problem of an increasingly unmanageable number of clients has led the industry to move toward deepening client relationships.  While this is a positive development, it comes with additional considerations such as typically higher fees (including ever-growing asset-based fees) which lead to more overall cost to the client.  At Kettering Investment Strategies, our goal is to keep fees to a minimum.  We believe we can serve our clients for less.  As an independent firm, we have pricing power, which means we can pass along more value to our clients. If a client prefers an asset-based fee, we can do it for less than you may find elsewhere.

Financial Planning Technology

We have award winning financial planning tools.*  The software we use is client friendly, interactive, and takes into account 10,000 different historical scenarios each time we do a plan, so clients have an idea of how they would fare in all sorts of different markets.  Because economic times can change so significantly, it is rare that a plan is 100 percent sound, and clients need to know the probability of accomplishing their objectives. It is not simply a “yes or no” scenario.

*In March 2013, Raymond James received the Bank Insurance and Securities Association (BISA) Technology Innovation Award for the firm’s Goal Planning & Monitoring software.


Our clients have access to many choices.  We have a wide range of conservative, high quality investments, like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.  But our clients can also add diversification to their portfolios with alternative investments, or manage large stock positions with conservative strategies that have a bit of complexity to them.  While all of our clients won’t need to take advantage of these choices, we believe it is empowering to our clients to have a complete set of tools in their financial toolbox.


Investments mentioned may not be suitable for every investor.  Investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or loss regardless of strategy selected.  There are special risks associated with alternative investments including limited or no liquidity, tax considerations, incentive fee structures, speculative investment strategies, and different regulatory and reporting requirements.  Consult your financial advisor prior to making any investment decisions to determine which investments are suitable for you.  Diversification does not ensure a profit or guarantee against a loss.